The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector – nail design

One of my favorite lip balms inspired me to do a nail art design. As strange as it may sound, I don’t have any lipsticks or colorful glosses. I like natural look and when I wear makeup I just stick to mascara, eye liner and a sheer lip gloss. Occasionally I like to do smokey eyes when going out, again with natural lips. So as you see, I prefer to put an accent on my eyes, rather than lips.

Still, I like my lips to look smooth and well taken care of. Hemp Lip Protector by The Body Shop is a great product to keep them moisturized and healthy. Hence the nail design:

BS Hemp Lip Protector - nail design

That’s me – no lipsticks, no bright glosses, but a lot of lip balms :) I have them everywhere – at home, in the car, and even in every purse. Some of them are cheap, some are priced well. Hemp Lip Protector belongs to the group of lip balms that I would buy again. It’s perfect for cold months and of course for the soon coming winter.

Anyway, the blog is about nail polishes and designs, so let me tell you more about the nail design:

Hemp leaves nails

First, I painted my nails light green, and waited for the base color to dry. After that I painted my tips brown using a regular nail polish brush. The textile background and hemp leaves were hand painted using polishes (dark green and yellow) and a detailing nail art brush.

Hemp nails - green design

For the design I needed:

  • Pale green base color – Essie Navigate Her, 2 coats
  • Brown tips – Orly Chocoholic 48447
  • Light yellow color for textile background – Orly Lemonade
  • Dark green for hemp leaves – IsaDora In the Army
  • Clear top coat

Well, I hope you liked it :) And a tiny warning just in case – please, don’t take this design too serious ;)
Thank you for stopping by! xxx

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  1. I’m not the one for the green :/ and I think this would be more up my alley without the leaves. But freehand? Really girl I thought these were stamps :O

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Nope, no stamping here :) The dark green IsaDora is well pigmented and easy to paint with.
      There can be many variations of the manicure, the hemp leaves can be replaced with flowers for example. I was trying to recreate The Body Shop design (in my own way), thats why I chose the leaves :)

  2. This is an extraordinary beautiful mani, I love everything about it, well painted!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, Maria :)

  3. I went out and bought some neutral nail polish after reading this post! I think the neutral tones are best for someone, like me, who have shorter nails and help curb my nail-biting habit. Thanks!

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