Sir Galahad from A England

One more beautiful color from The Mythicals collection by A England. On the official website Galahad is described as a “mystic vibrant blue green”. Here it is on my nails:

Galahad A England

I was going to say that this color is one of my favorite teals, but tbh I dearly love all aqua/turquoise nail polishes in my collection. It would be hard to pick a favorite :)

Galahad in the bottle, with the label:

a england Galahad teal nail polish

Application is smooth but it can be a little gloopy if you do it slowly (actually it happens to many nail polishes that have creme finish). However the surface evens itself out upon drying… magic! The first coat is a little streaky, so the second one is required.

Galahad, from A England

One option was to stop there and enjoy my lovely teal nails… but I just had to go that extra mile, and as usual it involved some nail art. On my accent fingernail I did orange and silver dotted lines using a dotting tool, and then I added a coat of Orly clear top.

Overall, for the teal nails I needed:

  • A-England Galahad – a turquoise nail polish
  • Sally Hansen Sun Kissed – for orange dots
  • Orly Dazzle – for silver dots
  • Dotting tool
  • Orly Glosser

That’s it for today :) Until next time, and meanwhile I wish you a great weekend ♥

A England Galahad – Nail Designs and Comparisons:

Floral nail art on teal and black
Flowers on teal and black

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  1. I love this!! Its so simple, but statment making.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, Karen! I’m glad you liked it :)

  2. Another beautiful teal :) in this manicure I only wish that orange is a little more vibrant, it doesn’t stand out enough like this

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I see your point :) SH Sun Kissed is quite bright by itself or when applied over white, but here it was dotted on the dark base, and the base took away some of its brightness..

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