Guest post #10: Bulgarian seaside, colorful nails

Vibrant colors, seaside sunshine, and gorgeous nails – Adi is back from her summer holidays in Sinemorets, Bulgaria. She took many pictures of beautiful Bulgarian nature and beaches… and of her summer nails of course. Now I’m happy to share some of the pics with you. Let’s begin?

Colorful nail art

According to Wikipedia, Sinemoretc is a village and seaside resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It is located in the very southeast of the country close to the border with Turkey.

Colorful nail art for summer

I asked Adi about the place and she told me this:

Sinemorets is a very beautiful and quiet place, there is almost no infrastructure. It’s an amazing combination of Stranga mountain, Black sea and Veleka river.
The village was a restricted area during the communism years, because it was part of a border zone with Turkey (Sinemorets is the last village before the border to be exact). It is still very unpopular, a wild place, where only special people go.
With all that, Sinemoretc is an enchanted village with its own unique nature – animals, birds, plants, and other beauties concentrated in the small piece of land, minimally touched by civilization.

Colorful nails and sand

Personally I like such secluded places, where you won’t find many people. Sinemorets seems to be ideal to go for rest and privacy… and for taking photos of your nails at the seaside lol Nobody will see you and ask you what you are doing, or why you are so obsessed with taking pics of your nails lol This place sounds like freedom!

Bright nail design

Back to the nail design – 5 nail polishes Adi chose to wear at the beach:

  1. Pale blue: Flormar – 423
  2. Orange: Essence Colour&Go – 46 Wake Up!
  3. Turquoise: Flormar – 429
  4. Yellow: S.he Stylezone – 300
  5. Blue: Barbara Daly /for Tesco/ electric blue

To prolong the life of the design Adi used Christian Dior Base Coat and Sally Hansen Double Duty for top.

Nail design for summer

Just a beautiful pic of waves hitting the stone…

Bulgaria Sinemorets beach

And now it’s time to say a BIG thank you to Adi for showing her colorful summer nails and taking the pictures specially for Muxe :)
Here she is at the beach in Sinemorets, dancing in the evening sunlight:

Bulgarian beach

By the way, if you decide to visit Sinemorets, you can address Adi to be your guide there, she is very friendly and knows many secret places and beaches of the wild Bulgarian paradise :)

That’s it for today, thank you for reading and watching!
PS: next time Adi promised to take us to another journey to the seaside, so stay tuned ;)

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  1. OH, such beautiful landscapes and scenery – and nails of course :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yes, Sinemorets seems like a great place to spend a summer weekend or more :)

      1. Mari, could you please send me an email, I have something to ask, and I cannot find any contact information? It’s :)

        1. Mari says: Reply

          oh i see i need to do something about my contact info lol I have my contact email address in the FAQ section, but I’ll think of where else to put it..
          just in case, my email is
          but I’ll send you a message right away, to make it easier for both of us :)

  2. I don’t know what I like more, the mani or the scenery we can see in the last pic :D

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Yep, its a beautiful picture! Sometimes Adi uses it as her profile pic :)

  3. I love Bulgarian seaside! I was there last year, more exactly in Duni, such a beautiful sea and all the people there are so kind! I love that place and I plan to come back next summer! Btw, strange or not, when I was there I did the same colourful manicure as Adi did :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Wow sounds mysterious! It must be something magical and special about the atmosphere, the sun and the sea that made you both think of the same colors! :)
      I’ve never been to Bulgaria, but knowing Adi I eagerly believe how great are the people who live there :)

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