White flowers on pastel lilac

It’s not autumn yet and it’s still summer here in Saint Petersburg, although I would question that as it’s been raining non stop for several days already, and now it’s quite cold outside… I practically felt my mood being dragged down by the weather, so I decided to go for a light floral nail art to stop that. Not sure if I succeeded, but at least I have a new nail design to show you :)

White flowers nail art design

For the base color I used a pastel lilac nail polish by Essence #72 called Found My Love. The color comes from their Multi Dimension line. Well, what can I say… The name is too good for a polish like this. The formula is really thick, and the application was streaky and not smooth at all. I also found it to be very slow drying.

Floral nail art design on lilac

What you see here as a base color is 3 coats of Essence Found My Love over OPI base coat. To decorate my nails I used floral water decals. I found them in the local shop and I love them! They are easy to apply and look as if they were freehand painted. A closeup of my lilac nails with white flowers:

White flowers on lilac nails

Overall, for the pastel floral nail art I needed:

  • OPI natural nails base
  • Essence Multi Dimension 72 Found My Love
  • Floral water decals
  • Orly Glosser (a clear top)

Flowers on nails design

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed this floral look :)
Thank you for stopping by! Have a fun weekend xxx

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  1. 3lin says: Reply

    is so pretty

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you :)

  2. OH MY, this is absolutely lovely, I’m sorry to hear the formula isn’t good, but the color looks great on you, and the decals gives such a soon frost in the night vibe LOL – beautiful mani!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank youuu for such a poetic comment! :))
      I’m sad bc of the quality of the polish, as I do like this light lilac shade a lot. I will try to find a similar color in other brands..

  3. I’ve never used decals, there aren’t any in our stores to buy but if I get the opportunity I’ll grab some. Too bad for the Essence formula, the ones I have from Multidimension line were always good. And overall manicure looks gorgeous. I hope the rain will stop soon it’s not time for autumn yet :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      This is the only shade I have from their Multi Dimension line. I was surprised to find such a poor quality – all other Essence nail polishes that I have behave much better..
      PS: In the last two days we had some sun and it even warmed up a bit :)

  4. Adi says: Reply

    Fantastic! Love them! <3

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you ;) I’m glad you liked them <3

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