Lush Tangerine – L’Oreal 303

It was supposed to be a caviar nails post, but… I failed to recreate that popular design with microbeads. I bought beads of a very small size, and I applied them on my nails as accurately as I could, but it just didn’t look right :( I tried two variants – with beads only on my accents fingers, and then with all my nails covered with beads. I liked none of them enough to show you.

Beads on my ring fingernails made the accent nails look a bit bigger than the rest of the nails (just like I expected), and the balance was lost :( When I applied beads on all of my nails, I got that unwanted “too much” look. After 2 unsuccessful tries I decided to stop experimenting with caviar design until better times arrive… and to cheer myself up with a bright orange shade – Lush Tangerine by L’Oreal:

LOreal 303 nail polish color riche

I don’t remember posting swatches of L’Oreal nail polishes here before, so let this orange shade from their Color Riche line be the first one. What you see in the pics is 3 coats of Lush Tangerine, without a base or top. The first coat was a bit streaky, so I applied the 2nd one and it completely covered all bold spots, but the nail line was still visible. However the 3rd coat made it all look perfectly even and shiny :)

Loreal nail polish 303 Lush Tangerine

The formula is somewhere between creme and jelly, the application is good thanks to the wide brush. I wore the polish for 2 days, and it stayed perfectly well. This was actually the second time that I wore Lush Tangerine, and it behaved both times. On the background you can see my summer skirt that I paired the polish with :)

PS: the story with caviar nails is to be continued %) I failed with green & blue microbeads design, so I’m thinking of trying dark colors (or even black) next time. Have you ever tried caviar design? and if yes, what colors did you use?..

As always, thank you for reading and see you soon! ♥

L’Oreal Lush Tangerine – Nail Designs and Comparisons:

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  1. The orange looks bright and nice, as for the caviar nails I still haven’t tried I have to buy the beads first :)

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