Aurelia Magnifique – black and white glitter #196

Today I have a new name for you – Aurelia nail polishes. If I’m not mistaken, it’s a Russian brand. I’ve heard about their products many times before, but I never paid much attention to them. However yesterday, when I happened to be in the other side of the city, I found a big stand of Aurelia polishes in a cosmetic store there. Several bottles looked really nice, so I decided to give them a try. Here’s the first one – Aurelia Magnifique #196:

Aurelia Magnifique 196

Call me crazy, but I think that a name is an important part of a nail polish. If I like a color and it has a cute name, somehow I like it even more. This time it’s just a number. Well, at least they named their collections. Today’s polish is from the Magnifique line.

Now back to Aurelia #196 and it’s 9 ml bottle:

Aurelia Magnifique

Aurelia #196 is a mix of white and black micro glitter in a clear base. Actually I’m not sure if it’s possible to call the polish a “glitter” as the b&w micro flakes don’t glitter at all. I think best way to use it is as a top to refresh an old/boring shade.

Aurelia magnifique

Formula wise the polish was really good and easy to apply. I didn’t even have to shake the bottle to get more glitter on the brush (which I usually do when applying glitter polishes). I used 1 coat of Aurelia #196 over OPI I Vant to Be A-lone Star for the photos here. I wore this OPI shade only 2-3 times since I bought it last year, because I didn’t like how it looked on me. Now I think I found the way to wear it.

Aurelia Magnifique 196

Overall, I liked the polish. I will also try to pair it with slightly darker shades :)

Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend xxx

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  1. Oh why are the best polishes unavailable to the wider audiences. This one is really interesting I would layer it over everything :D

    1. Mari says: Reply

      I agree, this polish is great as a top :) but since it has black and white flakes all mixed in one bottle, it requires a base color that is not too dark or too light, otherwise 50% of its beautiful glitter (white or black depending on the color) will hardly be seen..
      I don’t know if Aurelia is available anywhere except Russia, but I’m sure there are similar polishes in other brands :) For example, this Aurelia slightly reminds me of the famous Connect the Dots, only Lynnderella’s polishes are more “complicated” and richer with glitter of different shapes..

      1. Jin says: Reply

        This is a great top indeed!
        And as I just returned from Russia, I can tell you that not only Aurelia available in Russia only – it is available in Moscow only.
        In St. Petersburg for example, no one even know the name.

        If you ever find it anywhere else, I would love to know that too! ;-)

        I love this mani of yours!!!

        1. Mari says: Reply

          Hello, Jin and thank you, I’m glad you liked the mani :)
          That’s a bit strange that no one knows Aurelia in Saint Petersburg.. bc currently I live in SPb, and I bought it here :) My friends here, who are into nail polishes also heard about the brand.. although I cannot say Aurelia is very popular. OPI, Orly, China Glaze and other main brands surely prevail..
          Anyways, i hope you had a great holidays in Russia, Moscow is a beautiful city! :)

          1. Jin says:

            Thank you! :-D Yes I had a MARVELOUS vacation in Russia! One of the most amazing countries I visited!

            As for Aurelia – I tried all the big stores and no one there knew of the brand. I did find it eventually in a very small store, but they only had 4-5 polishes of the brand. This brand has some real amazing polishes, but they are sooo hard to find.
            Maybe they are too new yet to be more famous? Anyway, once I will find it, you can count on me getting some more of this loveliness! ;-)

          2. Mari says:

            I’m not sure about how old the brand is, but you are right saying that it’s not very famous in SPb. I’ve never seen Aurelia in major Russian cosmetics chain stores like Rive Gauche, Ile de Beaute, or L’Etoile (maybe you heard about these stores while being in Moscow).. It’s a bit strange because the polishes are really good and the prices are even better :)
            PS: It’s great to hear you liked it here! :)

  2. Отличный топ! Мне понравился на твоих ногтях!
    Интересно сочетается с серыми, голубыми, светло-зелеными оттенками)

    Из русских фирм еще есть Dance Legend, у них есть такой же топ, он называется Domino XL.

  3. Tithy says: Reply

    Is it that you know where I could find this brand of varnish on the internet, please? Thank you.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Hello! Aurelia is a Russian brand, and tbh sometimes it’s not easy to buy it even in Russia.. I’m afraid they don’t sell it online with shipping to other countries.. Sorry :(

  4. Anita says: Reply

    Hi everyone! I am new here and have found you guys only because I have tried to find Aurelia nail polishes online. I have recently relocated to Australia and my mom brought it for me from Russia. I fell in love with the brand. It’s amazing quality and I was surprised given its a Russian brand. Does anyone know if it can be ordered online or found somewhere in Australia?

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