Rediscovering old shades – pastel blue Orly in Snowcone

Once in a while it’s fun to dig through the stash and rediscover old colors. Today’s post is about one of those oldies – it’s a baby blue nail polish Orly Snowcone 40732:

Orly Snowcone

Such a lovely shade with such a sweet name :) Snowcone was released two years ago with Orly Sweet collection of 6 pastel nail polishes for Spring 2010. I must say I love the whole “Sweet” set of colors, actually I think it’s one of the best collections that Orly has released so far. The colors are fun, simple and leave us open to be creative.

Orly Snowcone, 2 coats without a topcoat (daylight, no flash):

Orly  40732 Snowcone pics

The thing is… I wasn’t going to swatch Snowcone :)) There are lots of pics and descriptions of the polish in other nail polish blogs already. My plan was to show Snowcone in nail designs.

Yesterday I applied it on my nails and was waiting for the polish to dry, when Dennis’s sister stopped by with her bf. They had just came from their vacation in Cyprus, and they brought us presents from the sunny island :) That’s how I got this cute box decorated with sea shells:

Orly blue Snowcone

I took it in my hands and I saw how perfectly Snowcone matches the box and the shells – wonderful combination that instantly reminded me of white beaches and blue seas. So I decided to take some pics of my nails with the box, and share them with you. Just for fun :)

Orly Snowcone

When I opened the box I saw another cute little present inside…

Orly Snowcone swatch

But that’ll be featured in another post, and for now I’m off to enjoy greek olives :D
Thank you for reading! Have a good day/evening, see you soon xxx

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  1. Oh Snowcone is already on my wishlist, but if it weren’t these swatches would definitely put it there. And the box is nice is it a jewelry box or it’s for something else

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, this pastel blue shade is really worth buying :)

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