Guest post #9: sparkling blue nail art by Adi

It’s been awhile since we saw Adi here :) Today I want to show you photos of a summer nail art she sent me last week:

Blue nail art

This manicure reminds me of a blue sea at night when the moon is spreading silver light and the stars are shining… I love the idea of combining silver polish with several shades of blue. The design doesn’t look plain thanks to the contrast of light and dark colors, and the glitter on top adds an extra sparkle.

A closeup:

Sparkling blue nails

Here’s the list of products Adi used for the silver blue nail design:

  • Clear top&base from Sally Hansen
  • Turquoise base – Flormar 429
  • Silver base – Rimmel 239 Your Majesty
  • Dark blue line – Essence Colour & Go 98 Walk on Air
  • Dark purple line – OPI Can You Dig It
  • Glitter top – Essence Special Effect

Silver blue nail design

I’d love to say a huge “thank youuu” to Adi, and I hope you liked her turquoise/silver manicure inspired by the Black Sea and sunny Bulgarian beaches :)
Take care and see you soon xxx

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  1. It’s very pretty, lovely combination!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, Maria! I absolutely agree with you, it’s a lovely sparkling summer look! :) When I got the pics my first reaction was “wow!”
      Apart from the whole look, I also like the turquoise base color – this Flormar nail polish must be great on its own as well.

  2. Great job Adi :) It really does remind of the sea at night and swimming under the stars, best thing ever :)

    1. Adi says: Reply

      Dear Ladies,

      Thank you very much for the kind words! It was just a weekend experiment, which turned out to look really cool. I enjoyed it on my nails for about 10 days! It’s no joke that special sparkle! Hardly removed it, LOL!

      And thanks again to Mari for sharing it on her site!



      1. Mari says: Reply

        The pleasure is all mine :P I’m always happy to share your nail art ideas here ;)

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