Color Club Raspberry Rush – scented nail polish

Believe it or not, this is my first ever scented nail polish. I bought Raspberry Rush in April, tried it on the color wheel and decided to wait for summer days. Now I think its time has come – here’s how the polish looks on my nails:

Color Club Raspberry Rush swatch

I’m afraid scented nail polishes are no longer in trend, as Color Club Wicked Sweet collection (from which comes the polish) was released last summer. So the perfumed polish idea is old, but I like it anyways. It gives nails a little something extra :)

Scented nail polish Color Club

Raspberry Rush is a bright, almost neon pink shade. The polish is easy to apply, but the formula is quite watery and even after two coats I had a visible nail line which I don’t like, so I added one more coat to hide it.

On the pics you can see 3 coats of Color Club Raspberry Rush over a clear base. No top coat, and I love how shiny it looks by itself.

Wicked sweet Color Club scented

I’m a big fan of bright hues which I think are ideal for summer, and I like this bright pink a lot. Too bad I cannot show you the scent. Somewhere on the net the aroma was described as “raspberry candy”. I’m not sure whether it’s candy or not, but it’s sweet and feels artificial. Staying power is good – I wore the polish for 3 days, and to my surprise, the aroma was still there when it was time to remove it. I wonder if other scented polishes have such strong long staying aromas…

Color Club Raspberry Rush

Overall, I liked it. It was fun experience, and I think I’ll wear the polish again and not once. Another great thing about Raspberry Rush is that it looks great on toes.

The end :) Thank you for reading and see you soon! xxx

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  1. Oh everything looks so good on you :) I like this kind of pink but I’m not sure how I feel about scented polishes

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you again and again :) Me flattered >< I like to try different kinds of nail polishes - magnetic, scented, termo etc, it's more like a new experience for me, and not smith that I would use on a regular basis. For everyday use I prefer perfumes and nail polishes apart :)

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