La Paz-itively Hot – OPI NL A20

Here I am again… with yet another OPI nail polish :) This time it’s a bright pink/fucsia color La Paz-itively Hot:

OPI La Paz-itively Hot swatch

This polish originally comes from OPI South American collection for Summer 2002. Now it’s a part of the OPI core collection, and hopefully they won’t discontinue it any time soon, as I really like this vibrant summertime shade. I’ve already used about 1/3 of the bottle, and judging by my other polishes, it’s a lot! I’d definitely repurchase it.

OPI NL A20 swatch

La Paz-itively Hot has a bit of violet iridescent shimmer to it, which gives the color more depth and richness. The shimmer seems to be camera-shy and it’s not quite visible on my nails here. A closeup anyways (sunlights thru the clouds):

OPI pink polish swatch

In the next picture you can see the condensed shimmer in the bottle. This gorgeous shimmering effect is also visible on nails in the artificial lightning.

OPI La Paz-itively Hot polish

This color was also re-released with OPI matte shades. I’ve never seen La Paz-itively Hot matte in rl, only on other nail polish blogs, but I’d definitely try it if I have a chance. Another option is to apply a matte top over it, maybe that’s what I’ll do next time :)

As for today, I have one more pic for you – a comparison of Sally Hansen Twisted Pink shimmer (on my ring finger) and OPI La Paz-itively Hot. Needless to say the shades are different, as well as their shimmering effects – tiny golden flakes in SH Twisted Pink against OPI’s violet sheen. Anyway, I hope the comparison will help to create a better picture/description of the shade:

Sally Hansen Twisted Pink comaprison

That’s all for today, I hope you all had a great weekend and fully enjoyed these first summer days!
See you next time xxx

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