Green leaves and acacia flowers

Hello :) For today I have a simple free hand nail art, inspired by a beautiful acacia tree, that I saw on my way home the other day. It was in full bloom – lots of bright yellow flowers stood out against green leaves. Such a great view!

Yellow green nails

I started with painting my nails yellow, and then I drew green leaves randomly over the yellow base. The manicure turned out very eye-catching, in a good or bad way – I don’t know %)
Here is a closeup:

Yellow nail art

I wanted to take pics of the nails with those acacia flowers, but ironically I was far away from the tree when I finally had time for swatches, and I couldn’t find another blooming one. So I used green leaves as a background for the nail art:

Green leaves nail art

The products I used:

  • Yellow Umbrella by Sephora – this yellow cream nail polish is not that great on it’s own, it applies streaky and uneven, and dries slowly. I had to do 4 coats of it, and still I wasn’t happy with the result :(
  • Combat Khaki by IsaDora – for green leaves (the polish is well pigmented and good to work with)
  • In the Army by IsaDora – dark green nail polish for outlines
  • Thin nail art brush

Here I don’t have a top coat (which would have made the design smoother), but it’s because I wasn’t going to wear the mani for a long time. It was created on a whim and expected to last for a day at most. Next morning I removed the mani, tho I had fun wearing it :)

Thank you for reading and see you soon xxx

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  1. I like your nail art, too bad for the Yellow Umbrella and the application it’s a really good color

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you :)
      It’s hard to find a quality yellow nail polish :( i’m starting to think there’s something about yellow colors that really makes them all streaky..

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