Electric red nail polish – Zoya in Maura ZP517

Happy Sunday everyone! Today there will be my first outdoor swatch ever :) Last weekend I went into the country with my friends, and there I had plenty of time for swatches and polishes between barbecues, picnics and walks along the beautiful local river.

Here’s the first color – an amazing crimson nail polish by Zoya in Maura:

Zoya Maura ZP 517

At Zoya’s website they describe Maura as an “electric crimson cream”. Very true. The color is incredibly bright and vivid, it’s great for late spring or for hot summer days. The polish was released with other 5 glossy creams for Summer 2010 collection called Flash.

Some sun tanning wouldn’t hurt to wear it with, but let’s remember it’s still spring here and the Nordic nature is just awaking. In fact, it was quite cold and windy outside when I was taking pics, luckily I didn’t forget to take a moisturizing skin and cuticles cream with me. Back to the polish:

Maura by Zoya - swatch

Another great thing about Maura is that it applies as beautifully as it looks. You’ll need no more than 2 quickdrying coats and you’re good to go. It’s easy to apply it flawlessly in 1 coat, but you’ll get a visible nail line which personally I don’t like.

The color is pure, no shimmer, no other effects. Here it is – 2 coats of Maura by Zoya (no top/base) in a closeup pic:

Zoya Maura red nail polish

Maura strongly reminds me of OPI on Collins Ave, and slightly of Color So Hot It Berns (both are OPI nail polishes). The comparison is yet to be made.

Zoya Maura red polish zp 517

All the swatches of Maura are done outside in a daylight, the sun behind the clouds. That’s all for today, I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading and see you soon :) xxx

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