Guest post #4: purple flowers and green grass nail art

It’s time for another guest post from Bulgaria :) I’d love to show you a wonderful floral nail art by Adi:

Purple Floral Nail Art

Here’s the list of polishes Adi used for the design:

  • White base color – OPI Alpine Snow
  • Violets petals:  Golden Rose 54 (purple), Golden Rose 52 (blue), Kimi purple acrylic paint, Orkide Art-ist 06 (silver), Catherine Arley 402
  • Violets stamina: Flormar (yellow), Kimi golden paint
  • Green grass: Golden Rose Nail Art 104 (light green acrylic paint), Rival de Loop 60 Berlin; Orkide Art-ist 06 (silver)
  • Clear top – Sally Hansen (2 coats)

A close up photo of the sparkling violet flowers (artificial light):

Floral Nail Art

Adi’s step-by-step tutorial of how to do this floral nail design:

After a quick application of 2 coats of the base – OPI Alpine Snow (which I hate, but haven’t found a better one), I start with violet petals. For the petals I apply three tiny drops of Golden Rose (purple nail polish). In the center of each of these 3 drops, I drop a tiny drop of the purple Kimi paint, followed by 3 drops of the blue Golden Rose. Then, using a needle or a toothpick, I form the petals with quick movements. It all must be done very quickly, because otherwise the base dries and you won’t be able to form the petals nicely.

I repeat the process for each nail and then leave them to dry, while starting the grass. Basic colour for the grass is a light green Golden Rose acrylic paint. Then I apply accents in darker green for leaves and picks.

When the grass is done, it is time for the stamina of the violets. Each stamen is made by three dots with dotting tool. When it’s dried, I make accents with golden sparkles of Kimi golden acrylic paint.

Then, to make the petals more vivid, I apply tiny spots of light using a pinkish sparkling polish, and when it’s dried I add defining lines with silver and purple paint.

I finish the design by adding thin silver lines to accent the leaves in the grass. Finally, I apply 2 coats of clear top to even the surface.

Flowers nail design

Well, what else could I add to such a detailed description? I’m sure Adi explained it all perfectly well, and my big “thank you” goes to her Winterland :))
I love guest posts more and more each time I post them! lol I don’t have to create nail designs / make pics / write descriptions and still I have amazing manicures ready to be published :D

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