Essie 346 in Capri

Essie 346 Capri

Hello :) Before I move on to the last part of the 31 Day Challenge, I want to post a couple of swatches. Today it’s an orange nail polish by Essie called Capri. The color is hard to take pictures of, I took more than 50 and it looked different every time %) Here are some of the pics, where the color looks more or less close to real life:

Essie 346 Capri

Essie Capri is an orange-coral nail polish with jelly finish. It’s bright, but not neon bright. Capri is more like a natural tropical orange color. A close up pic:

Essie 346 Capri

The application is ok, though the formula is on the thick side, and the brush is very thin. It looks streaky in one coat, the second coat evens the coloring, but the nail line is still visible. If you want a fully opaque finish you might want to add the 3rd one. The pics show 2 coats Essie Capri over my favorite OPI base.

Tour the island of chic in style. This fiery hot creamy orange nail lacquer keeps you fashionably cool wherever you go!

The color in the bottle:

Essie 346 Capri

I wore the polish for 2 days and it behaved admirably, no fading or chipping.

On the side note, I’m sorry for the one week absence, I had lots of work to do, plus my display died on me several days ago, so I had to wait for the new one to arrive. It’s really inconvenient to work with images and photos on the laptop, so I spent most of the time offline, playing xbox :)) On the other hand now I have a better and wider display :)
Ok, that’s it for today, thank you for reading and till next time xxx

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  1. I found your blog by chance and liked him very much!
    Also I started a blog in October, but I erased my old posts and I will start posting again
    Keep posting these pictures so beautiful!

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