Wooden Shoe Like To Know? – OPI NL H64

As much as I love OPI, I wasn’t excited when I saw the first OPI Holland collection swatches. This brown polish with a funny name was the only one that got my attention:

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? - OPI

I needed a good brown nail polish and I think I’ve found it. Wooden Shoe Like to Know is a chocolate brown cream packed with lots of very fine bronze/golden glitters. The polish is neutral and really flattering, but I wouldn’t say it’s a color of milk chocolate, it looks slightly darker on my nails, with higher percentage of cocoa perhaps…

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? OPI swatch

The shimmer is gorgeous and it matches this deep brown perfectly. It’s so shiny in the bottle, but hardly visible on my nails in regular lightning. In fact, most of the time the polish pretends to be a plain cream, which is sad :(

Brown nail polish OPI

In direct sun light:

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? photo

Wooden Shoe Like to Know is beautiful and warm. I must say I’m surprised that this purely autumn color was realized in a spring collection. I’m much more comfortable to wear such cozy shades during the season of falling leaves and cooling air. I admit, when it comes to nail polish colors I can be very conservative sometimes :)

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? OPI

Thank you for reading! xxx

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  1. Wil says: Reply

    Lovely color on you!

    I think you are the next Scrangie!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      lol that’s really nice of you to say so :) I read her blog regularly and I can imagine how much time and effort she puts into it. To get to her level I’d have to post every single day about different cosmetic stuff.. My blog is about nail polishes only :)

      1. Wil says: Reply

        Well up until last week I thought she had the most perfect nails on the Web. Now I think yours are just as beautiful.

        I get my nails done in acrylic because I play the guitar. My nail technician is awesome, she’s been trying to get me to wear colors and art. Everybody has gotten used to my everyday pink and white French manicure so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to try it.I would love to try that camo set you did last week.

        1. Mari says: Reply

          I see.. I think she is right, you should try some nail art. I don’t quite see eye catching nails in the office – there’s always a dress code, but since you are an artist, it would look nice on stage :) + if you don’t like it, you can remove it easily..

          1. Wil says:

            I didn’t look at it from the viewpoint of being an artist.

            In terms of the office, they are already used to my French manicure acrylics. I go to the salon every other week with two of the ladies up front… (and yes, I am 100% straight!). The guys don’t say a word about it (except for the gay guy in the shipping department, he’s a hoot).

            When I end up doing it for a show, I’ll send you pictures… maybe you would let me do a guest post! :-)

          2. Mari says:

            Sure, why not :)

  2. Ami says: Reply

    I think your gorgeous nails can make just about ANY color look beautiful. I payed no attention to this color when the Holland collection came out but these pictures kind of have me thinking about getting it now!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      This OPI is really lovely! Such a warm and cozy brown shade :)

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