No Bees Please – OPI NL H21

After all those recent shades of red, coral and brown I’ve been in serious need of a clean and quiet manicure. That’s why today’s post will be colorless and probably boring :) Right now I’m wearing a nude nail polish from OPI Soft Shades line with a lovely name – No Bees Please:

OPI No Bees Please swatch

This nude polish comes from the OPI Garden Party Soft Shades collection for Spring 2007. Unlike many sheer shades, it applies easily and completely streak-free. The first coat could barely be detected. If you want the color that is close to the one in the bottle, you’ll have to build it up – what you see here is 4 coats of OPI No Bees Please (no top or base).

The polish has a very fine Chanel-like pink shimmer, tho it’s hardly visible on my nails in regular lightning. If I look closer I see it in the bottle, but then I apply the polish and the shimmer is gone. Here I tried to catch it behind the glass (not very successfully):

OPI No Bees Please NL H21

No Bees Please is a very tender nude nail polish. I love nudes, they are perfect for all seasons and they go with everything. I’m looking forward to try a couple of nudes from the New York City Ballet collection of soft shades :)

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  1. Thalie says: Reply

    I love nudes! I too can’t wait to try the New York Ballet Softshades.

  2. jerry says: Reply

    do you have opi no bees please in a uv cure

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