Guest post #2: zebra nails by Adi

There must be something mysterious about the 14th day of the Challenge, because I have to postpone it for the 2nd time. The thing is, I told Adi about my nail design “schedule” and she decided to join me. So today there will be Day 13: Animal Print again :) with Adi’s version of Zebra Nail Art.

Zebra Nails manicure

I saw her famous zebra nails a while back on fb and I really liked them. I asked her to do the manicure again for my blog, so I could share the design with all of you :)

Zebra Nail Art

This is what Adi used for her zebra nail design:

  • Clear base – Sally Hansen Double Duty
  • White base color – OPI Alpine Snow
  • Black stripes – Kimi black acrylic nail color
  • Silver stripes – Kimi silver acrylic nail color
  • Clear top – Sally Hansen Double Duty

Kimi is a bulgarian nail polish brand, unfortunately it’s not sold in any other countries except for Bulgaria.

Zebra Nails Design

And here’s how she describes the process:

First, after applying the clear SH base, I apply 2 coats of OPI Alpine Snow, because one coat is not enough to even the colouring and the surface. Then, after the white base is perfectly dried, I start applying black zebra stripes. You can do them thin or to underline them better, depends on your wish. I personally prefer the thin ones, because it allows you to apply more stripes.

When black stripes are dried (which happens very quickly with acrylic decorators), I apply silver sparkling stripes. The plus with them is that if you do not like much any of the black lines, you can apply the silver one over it, and the design will look much better. Also the sparkles in general keep the entire decoration for more days untouched.

I mandatory finish with a clear top. It is possible to use as a top a sparkling nail polish as well, but it blurs the decoration, so I prefer clear tops in decorations cases.

As you see, zebra nails are not that difficult to do, you can use black/silver nail polishes of your choice instead of acrylic colors. I know there are many Konad stamps with zebra prints, but this version is an old school free hand painting, that is really fun to do. The advantage is that every time your zebra nails will be different and unique ;)

Here is Adi (too bad, she told me to cut the pic):

That’s it, if you have any questions – feel free to ask me or Adi :) Thank you for reading! xxx

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