Green nails design for St. Patrick’s Day

I was going to do a floral nail art design for the Challenge, but today I see so many green nails on other beauty blogs! That’s why I decided to postpone the flowers and do a manicure for Saint Parick’s Day instead. Have a look at my green nails :)

St. Patrick's nails design

Green base, clover leaves and golden coins – this St. Patrick’s Day nail design is really simple to do. We all drew hearts and arrows and all that love stuff when we were at school :) No arrows needed today, just hearts – for each clover leaf you’ll need to draw 3 small hearts (pointed at each other) and fill them with a dark green color. When the leaves are done, don’t forget to put a drop of golden polish in the center of each leaf. That’s all :)

St/ Patrick green nails design

Here’s the list of products that I used:

No top coat this time – I really didn’t want to spoil the semi-matte finish of Orly’s Fresh. Also, if you want, you can add more glitter or golden rhinestones perhaps. I think some gold dust for nail art will do as well. I only left the design like this, because I wanted my nails to look light and spring-y cheerful :)

Have a fun St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Don’t forget to wear something green ;)

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  1. Wil says: Reply

    Clovers count as floral :-)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      i thought so too :) but i I’ll do a proper flower design later anyway, I love painting on my nails..

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