Day 17: Glitter

Today is one of the easiest 31 Challenge days, because there’s no need to paint any nail designs :) For the Glitter day I decided to make a swatch of one of my glittering nail polishes from Essence which is called Time for Romance. Here’s the manicure:

Essence Time for Romance

I rarely wear glitters on their own, I prefer to use them as a sparkling top over opaque nail polishes. Just like this time – for the base color I used OPI We’ll Always Have Paris, which is a dark purple cream.

Essence Time for Romance swatch

Essence Time for Romance is a dusty red/rose wine jelly packed with large hexagonal flakes and tiny glitter particles. All by itself the polish is quite sheer, therefore I don’t wear it without a color base. Usually I’m ok when a nail polish requires 3 or more coats to become opaque, but only if it’s not a glitter. I really hate taking glittering polishes off my nails, and it’s even harder when they are applied thickly.

Time for Romance 72 Essence

What you see here is 1 coat of Essence Time for Romance over 2 coats of OPI We’ll Always Have Paris without a top.

Thank you for reading and see you soon :)

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