Cocktail Passion – Rimmel 313 Lycra Pro

Happy spring everyone! Yep, it’s started today officially, tho you wouldn’t know by the looks of it outside! It’s still cold and snowy here in Saint Petersburg.

I’m celebrating the new season with a bright coral shade – Rimmel Cocktail Passion:

Rimmel Cocktail Passion 313 swatch

Such a vivid coral nail polish needed an accessory to wear it with, I saw this 3-in-1 bracelet on sale and I immediately thought of this very shade :)

Cocktail Passion was released for Summer 2011 season, tho I wore it till October and I rediscovered it now. It’s a great mixture of pink and orange, very cheerful and eye catching. The color is so bright that it’s almost neon, and yet it doesn’t look ridiculous.

3 coats of Rimmel 313 Cocktail Passion + 1 top coat of Orly Glosser:

Cocktail Passion Rimmel swatch

The application is easy coz of the famous Rimmel wide brush. The formula is a bit on the thick side, but it’s self leveling. I didn’t even need to clean up after applying it.
Beautiful color, easy application and great price. Love it! :)

Rimmel Cocktail Passion – Nail Designs and Comparisons:

Red & white hearts on coral
Red & white hearts nails

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