Camo Nails Design

About a week ago I sent a link to this blog to a friend and she asked me why I hadn’t posted any nail art designs lately. The answer is – it’s because there are so many amazing nail polishes I want to show you, that I might have been carried away with the idea to swatch them all :))
Anyways, today there will be camouflage nails to improve the situation a little bit:

Camouflage Nails Design

This nail art idea is old and simple. I’ve seen camo nails done in so many color combinations already, but here I want to show you my army nails in classic green shades.

Army Camo Nail Art

This is what I needed for the camo mani:

Camo Nails Design

This military nail design is really easy to do. Start with a base coat of light green color. Once it is completely dried, use a thin brush to paint brown blobs on the nails, but be careful and make sure they are flat enough. Wait for the brown polish to dry, and then add some dark green khaki spots. Wait 1-2 minutes and apply a clear top coat to even it all out.
You can also use a dotting tool instead of the brush, or even a pin.

Well, that’s it :) See you soon! xxx

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  1. Adi says: Reply

    Fantastic! :)

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, my dear Snowy Queen ;)

  2. Wil says: Reply

    I’m a guy and I want my nails done like this! Ultra cool.

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Thank you, it’s nice to hear :) i think camouflage nails could look manly enough if to wear them with a proper outfit or accessories.

  3. Haikal says: Reply

    Thats cool :)

  4. Kira Schofield says: Reply

    Great looks, nice and flat with no build up. I like to use Esse ” Fall in line” for background color, it is like olive drab, a true military look, some OPI grey, brighter green, brown, and black. I love grey in the camo! Just have to easy with brown and black. And I love this brown, will definitely give it a try! Thanks

  5. Oh my lord but they are so amazing! Kudos to you!!!

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