Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – First Blush

I woke up this morning with the idea to do a natural mani with a nude nail polish. So I removed yesterday’s Pixie Dust, took a good look into my polish box and took out an oldie – OPI Canberra’t Without You. BUT: I couldn’t open it! I tried really hard again and again, I even put it in hot water, but it was all in vain :(
I felt like that squirrel in the Ice Age movie, who wanted the nut so badly, but couldn’t open it lol After several tries I gave up and decided to wait for Dennis to come home from work and help me.

So no Canberra for today, instead I’ll show you another sheer pink shade called Fist Blush from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear First Blush

I love this pretty subtle pink color, it’s so tender and youthful – the name First Blush suits it perfectly. It’s a classic cream without any shimmer or glitter:

First Blush Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear photo

As you can see, I already used half of the bottle. With this polish it’s either 1 transparent coat or 4-5 coats at once. In one coat it gives my nails a beautiful shine and a healthy sheer pink color. If you want to get the color like in the bottle, then you’ll need to apply at least 4 coats to make it look opaque and streak free.

The finish is smooth and extremely shiny. Another good thing about the polish is that there’s no bubbles after layering. Here I have 5 coats of Sally Hansen Fist Blush:

First Blush Sally Hansen swatch

I’m never afraid of applying multiple layers of polish if the result is worth the effort. With Sally Hansen First Blush it’s worth trying :) Tho I agree that 5 coats is a lot, not to mention that its drying time is doubled comparing to the standard 2-3 coats of other polishes.

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