Rimmel 60 Seconds – Style Hunter 285

A hunting we will go… Style hunting to be more exact :) and let Rimmel help us. Today’s nail polish is a satin shimmer Style Hunter:

Rimmel Style Hunter 285

It’s a gorgeous muted pink shade, business-appropriate and suitable for almost any wardrobe. I often use such colors when I want to have a break from dark or bright shades.

3 coats of Rimmel Style Hunter in the daylight:

Rimmel Style Hunter 285 pic

The polish goes on smoothly, and looks fine after two coats, but if the coats are thin (like this time) the third one won’t hurt. The application is quick, easy and mess free. Although it took me much longer than 60 seconds to apply the polish and to wait for it to dry.

60 Second’s Style Hunter 285 in the sun:

Rimmel Style Hunter swatch

Style Hunter is packed with hardly visible micro shimmer that lights up the polish in the sun, making the color look rich and full of depth. The close up of the effect:

Style Hunter Rimmel 60 Seconds

I’ve been style hunting all day today and now, when I got my fix of office colors, I’m off to find a bright and shiny shade :)

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