Pixie Dust by Orly

Today I want to show you two little dinosaurs – Orly’s Pixie Dust and a good old Pentium II processor. Great combination, isn’t it? :)

Pixie Dust Orly

The polish is from my collection, and the processor is a part of Dennis’ computer stuff collection. Do you know how old they are?… Pixie Dust was released with Orly’s Once Upon A Time collection of nail polishes for Fall 2009. As for Pentium II, it was introduced in May of 1997. Unfortunately I cannot show you what’s inside this cute black box, as Dennis only took off its cooling system and left the processor unopened for some mysterious reason.

Orly Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is a light grey cream with blue undertones and lots of tiny silver flakes. I’m not sure how to call the polish – it doesn’t look like shimmer to me, but it’s not a glitter either. The formula however is great to work with, the coverage is opaque in 2 medium coats.

2 coats of Orly Pixie Dust 40710 (daylight):

Pixie Dust 40710

The glassy flakes are big enough to be visible in the daylight, and they look even brighter in the sun:

Orly Pixie Dust swatch

Have a closer look at the silver shimmer:

Orly Pixie Dust pic

This polish is perfect for winter months. The light grey color reminds me of cold misty sky and the shimmer is like tiny falling snowflakes, fascinating to look at.

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