Orly Luxe – Golden Nail Polish

Originally launched in Spring 2010 with the Foil FX collection, Orly Luxe is now part of the core palette of colors.

Orly Luxe swatch

Luxe is a very cool-toned gold nail polish. I really like this quite unique golden shade, especially since it has no yellow tones. I think this metallic can even be a good alternative to Minx. It’s cheap and easy to apply, tho not that shiny. Unless it catches a light it looks rather neutral.

3 layers of Orly Luxe, shade #40294:

Golden nail polish - Foil

The application is nice and opaque. This time I needed three thin coats, but I think it’s possible to get away with two. I cannot say much about Luxe‘s durability since I wore it just for a couple of hours at home.

Orly Luxe 40294

This golden foil polish is really great and worth every cent of its price. Still, as much as I like this eye-catching shade, I can only see myself using Orly Luxe for special occasions, for example, to match a party outfit. Other possible ways of using the polish is to combine it with simpler colors or to use it for konad.

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