Lilac shimmer – Sophin 144

Today I have a new nail polish name for you – Sophin, it’s an European brand as far as I know. The sticker says that the polish was made in France. I bought it at the local store, there were so many beautiful shades on the display, that I was quite unsure of which one to choose :) Finally I set my mind on this lilac nail polish – Sophin #144:

Sophin 144 swatch

It’s always a let down when a polish doesn’t have a name. This Sophin is marked 144, and that’s all it’s got… Well, let me show you its bottle then:

Sophin 144 bottle

It’s a pretty lilac nail polish with gold micro shimmer. The shimmer is hardly visible in daylight, and the polish looks like a cream on my nails:

Lilac nail polish Sophin 144

However, in a closeup pic you can see the golden shimmer in the bottle:

Lilac nail polish swatch

The application is really nice and the brush looks fine to me. Another good thing about Sophin is that all their polishes are big 3 free.
What you see here is 2 coats without a top coat. Drying time was fast.

Sophin 144 swatch in the sun:

Sophin 144 nail polish pic

Now I’m wondering – why did it take me so long to discover Sophin? I’ll sure buy more polishes of this brand :)
And now me off, I still have some work to do. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Have fun xxx

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