Essence Colour & Go – 73 Princess Prunella

Last summer when I was looking for legwarmers to wear with my white shorts and light pink sandals, I stumbled upon a small knitting shop at the local mall. There I saw a yarn of the color I really liked, and I though it would be great to knit a pair of legwarmers with it. I am not an experienced knitter, but I know some basic stiches and I can knit simple things like scarves or hand/leg warmers. So long story short, I bought the yarn.
Today, when I painted my nails with Essence #75 Princess Prunella I noticed how nice they go together :)

Essence Princess Prunella

The legwarmers are still work in progress, so far I’ve knitted about 20 cm but it’s going well and I hope to finish them till summer. And now let’s see Essence in action:

Essence 73 Princess Prunella

If I’m not mistaken, Princess Prunella was released in the fall of 2011. It is a lovely brownish plum shade with lilac shimmer that keeps the polish from becoming boring.

3 coats of Essence Princess Prunella:

Essence Princess Prunella swatch

The application was easy, I needed 3 thin coats to get full opacity. Drying time was pretty fast.

Essence Princess Prunella in the sun:

Princess Prunella Essence pics

That was it for today :) I hope you all had a great weekend xxx

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