You Rock-apulco Red – OPI NL M24

This post was going to be one of those typical nail polish reviews with a couple of pics and a short description, until somebody messed it all up…
But let’s begin at the beginning :) Take a look at my NOTD – You Rock-apulco Red by OPI (2 coats, daylight):

You Rock-apulco Red - OPI swatch

The polish comes from OPI Mexico collection that was designed for Spring 2006. You Rock-apulco Red is a very bright and cheerful medium red with lots of fine shimmer. The formula is a little bit on the runny side but nothing too hard to handle. Just 2 coats and it’s totally opaque.

OPI You Rock-apulco Red NL M24 in the sun:

You Rock-apulco Red - OPI pic NL M24

And its shimmer:

You Rock-apulco Red - OPI swatch

Now about that somebody, btw he has whiskers, claws and a stunning bushy tail of a squirrel :) Yes, I’m talking about Kernel.

Normally when I do swatches in the kitchen, he sits on the chair near the window and watches me. Kernel has no interest in polishes, he hates the smell, but being a very curious cat he loves to control everything that happens in his domain.

Today he watched me for a while and suddenly decided to help me with Rock-apulco Red swatches. He jumped on the windowsill and accidentally dropped an opened box of oats seeds scattering them all over the kitchen table, on the floor and on my hand-made background. Or maybe he wanted to redesign the setting? Anyway, that’s exactly how I ended up with these 2 pics:

You Rock-apulco Red - OPI swatch

Kernel, OPI Rock-apulco Red and oats %)

You Rock-apulco Red - OPI bottle

Why do I need oats seeds? I’ll show you a bit later :)

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  1. Daisy says: Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous, your cat is a star!

  2. Kate Chier says: Reply

    I just came across your blog today and I love it! Then I saw your cat- he’s amazing, so adorable and Kernal is the best/cutest name ever. So cute!

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