IsaDora 706 – In the Army

Today I’m wearing a khaki nail polish by IsaDora (for those who never heard of it – its a Swedish cosmetics brand). The name of the polish speaks for itself, it’s a classic military green shade with no shimmer/glitter added – actually, have you seen any in the army? :)
Here’s the polish hiding from the camera:

IsaDora 706 In the Army

I think it’s the first khaki nail polish in my collection. This cool green army shade is simple and chic at the same time.

2 coats of Isadora’s In the Army:

Isadora's In the Army 706 swatch

Isadora’s In the Army has a nice and thick (but not too thick) consistency that doesn’t clump up on my nails. With this color, I can get away with a very careful one coat, or just do 2 thin coats to get the opaque coverage I want. The polish dries relatively fast to a smooth glossy finish.

Khaki nail polish IsaDora

All IsaDora nail polishes are free from formaldehyde and toluene and their prices are very attractive. I remember a lot of fuss over Chanel Khaki Vert, so even if In the Army is not a dupe, it’s a cheap alternative at least :)

PS: when I was applying the polish, I had that very old tune “you in the army now” by Status Quo stuck in my head >< I don’t remember the whole song, only a couple of lines, but that was enough lol

Isadora In the Army – Nail Designs and Comparisons:

Isadora In the Army vs Alessandro Green Genie swatch
In the Army vs Green Genie

Camo Nails Design
Camo Nails Design

Yellow Green Nail Art
Green Leaves on Yellow
Hemp Leaves Nail Design
Inspired by a Lip Balm

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