Dance Legend – 034 Dance Club

Today’s post is about a Dance Legend nail polish. It is a Russian professional brand and it’s widely available in Russia. These polishes are quite expensive, about $5-10 per standard bottle depending on the line – there are duochromes, cracks, thermo and magnetic polishes, as well as creams, glitters and shimmers. I read somewhere that all of them are big3free.

I’m not really sure if Dance Legend polishes are sold in any other country besides Russia. Actually I doubt that you guys have seen, heard or tried it… Have a look at its bottle and brush:

Dance Legend Dance Club 034

It is a mini version of DL, shade #034 in a 6,5 ml bottle. I got it for free as a bonus to buying another nail polish. It’s my first product from Dance Legend and I cannot say that I’m impressed by its quality. First of all, I don’t like the brush, because it’s really small and thin. Maybe with the full sized bottle comes a better brush, but this one is very uncomfortable. The color is good tho, a very nice green teal shimmer with a kind of foil finish.

3 coats of Dance Legend 034 without bc/tc (daylight, indoors):

Dance Legend  - 034 Dance Club swatch

It took 3 medium coats to be totally opaque, as the first 2 were rather patchy and the 3rd one covered it all up and smoothed it out.

The polish is really shiny in the sun:

Dance Legend 034

Overall, the color is ok as well as the polish itself, but I won’t buy DL in their mini version.

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  1. Kim says: Reply

    Hey there! I just found your entry about Dance Legend.
    The brand has so many georgeous shades and I would love to buy some. Can you recommend a webshop that ships to other countries than russia?
    Greetings from germany!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Hello Kim :) The Dance Legend does have some interesting colors and ideas.. I wish I could help you, but I don’t know any online shop that sells Dance legend nail polishes and has a shipping service to EU :( In fact I’ve never bought it online, only in local stores.. Sorry..

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