Big Apple Red – OPI NL N25

Big Apple Red dates back to the Fall of 2000, when OPI released their New York City collection of 12 nail polishes, including this very shade. The polish was a great success, so OPI made it a part of the Classic collection of colors.

OPI Big Apple Red swatch

Apart from having a trendy retro look, OPI’s Big Apple Red can be called a true red nail polish, suitable for almost any occasion. This red is absolutely pure with no blue/orange undertones and will work with many skin tones. The color you see in the bottle is exactly the shade you will get when you apply the polish.

2 coats of OPI Big Apple Red NL N25 + a top coat:

OPI NL N25 Big Apple Red swatch

Here I have a top coat over Big Apple Red, but the finish was glossy even without the top. Almost forgot – it’s gorgeous on toes!

When I was painting my nails with it, I remembered about another red nail polish I have and love – Sephora’s Cherry Popsicle:

Sephora Cherry Popsicle

Here’s a comparison of OPI Big Apple Red (middle and pinky fingers) and Sephora Cherry Popsicle (index and ring fingers). I did two coats of each polish:

comparison swatch - OPI Big Apple Red and Sephora Cherry Popsicle

On my nails Big Apple looks deeper and richer, more sophisticated perhaps, while Cherry Popsicle is lighter, more cheerful and on a warm side of red. As for the application, both polishes are perfect. Staying power… well, here OPI wins hands down, because Sephora fades on tips on the second day :(
Never the less, I’m happy I have them both in my stash :)

OPI Big Apple Red – Nail Designs and Comparisons:

OPI Big Apple Red vs Color So Hot It Berns
OPI BAR vs Color So Hot It Berns

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