Day 3: YELLOW nails – Yellow Umbrella by Sephora

I don’t have much to say about Sephora’s Yellow Umbrella, except that it’s a big disappointment to me :( Now I wish I had bought Orly’s Lemonade or Live Wire instead, since both of them were in stock as well. In the pic I have 4 coats of Yellow Umbrella, and a thick coat of a clear fast drying top to smooth the surface.

Yellow Umbrella by Sephora

The thing is I was so happy about Sephora’s Cherry Popsicle, that I was expecting the same quality from Yellow Umbrella. The brush and bottle are the same, but this one turned out to be much worse. It applies streaky and unevenly, regardless of the number of coats.

Yellow Umbrella L12 Sephora

Needless to say I removed it the same day. I’m not sure, is it me or the polish that’s to blame? I tried to be very careful, but it went on thick, streaky and gloppy.

The color looks fine to me, I think this neutral yellow shade will work with many skin tones, and of course it will look much better in summer, but I will never ever paint my nails with it – too much time and nerves to lose for such a poor mani :( I’ll only use it for flowers or some other art.

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