Day 6: VIOLET nails – Velvet Rope by Orly

Today is a day of purple nail polish, so I’m wearing Velvet Rope 40631 from Orly’s Hot Stuff collection of “the best and brightest shades”. It’s a very deep blue based purple polish. The formula is very cooperative and coverage looks just right after three rather thin coats.

3 coats of Orly’s Velvet Rope (daylight):
Velvet Rope - purple nail polish Orly swatch

Velvet Rope is such a dark and rich purple polish that its silver micro glitter stands out even more against the base color, somehow managing to be festive but not irritating at the same time.

Here’s a close up photo of the silver glitter:

Velvet Rope 40631 Orly swatch

The polish dries relatively fast to a glossy, but gritty finish thanks to the glitter – you can see little silver glitters in the pic. It’s not a problem tho, since a top coat can smooth it out in no time.

Today we had some sun breaks, and I was lucky enough to take a pic of Velvet Rope in the sunlight:

Velvet Rope Orly swatch

Well, that’s all for today :) Thanks for reading!

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Orly Velvet Rope – Designs and Comparisons:

Pupa Orly Velvet Rope comparison
Orly Velvet Rope & Pupa Comparison

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