Lumene Natural Code nail polish #33 – Trouble Maker

A week ago in my post about Lumene’s Magic Moment I promised to show you one more interesting shade I have from this Finnish brand, the polish called Trouble Maker:

Lumene Trouble Maker Natural Code #33 swatch

In one sentence Trouble Maker can be described as a medium grey/silver foil with golden and blue shimmer. When I first saw it, I remembered an old question “Is it ok to wear gold and silver together?” Usually this may be a hard one to answer, as it depends on the situation. Looking at this polish I think it’s a “yes” to mixing gold and silver :)

Lumene did a great job – the polish is well balanced between two metallic shades. Most often it’s silver with sparkles of gold, in sunlight it’s gold with blue sparkles and in artificial light it’s something in between.

Lumene Trouble Maker in natural light:

Lumene Trouble Maker review

It’s quite sheer, I needed 3 coats for opaque coverage, but it’s ok because in spite of its name, Trouble Maker is very easy to apply and dries quickly. Today is the 3rd day I’m wearing it – still no chipping, tho it seems a bit faded on the tips… which means it’s time for a new polish :)

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