Lumene Gloss and Care nail polish #16 – Magical Moment

For those who never heard about Lumene before (I believe the name is not very popular around the world) – it is a Finnish cosmetics and skincare brand. There is a crystal clear lake called Lummenne in the center of Finnish Lake District. The lake gave its name to the Lumene brand :)

I remember Lumene’s polishes from my school years, especially I liked a blue shimmer called Star Dust (or Space Dust?) and a sparkling yellow polish which name I completely forgot, but like I said, it was long ago, so I’m 100% sure both of them have been already discontinued, I couldn’t even find their swatches on the web… Anyway, let’s move on to today’s polish!

Lumene Magic Moment nail polish

Lumene’s Magic Moment or Hetken lumo in Finnish is a gorgeous purple nail polish with pink and purple microglitter. The polish is slightly sheer, it takes a few coats to build up intensity, but it dries quickly so it’s no big deal.

On the pic I have 3 coats of Lumene Magic Moment without base or top coat:

Lumene Magic Moment Nail Polish

The brush is wide and easy to use, so no cleanup was needed. Its rounded tip reminded me of Rimmel’s brush, and that one I love a lot!

At Lumene they are proud of using natural Arctic ingredients and not testing on animals for cosmetics. Lumene Magic Moment nail polish is not big 3 free, but it doesn’t contain formaldehyde.

I heard not once but many times that Lumene color palette is boring and classic. Actually, this is close to true, but I think Magic Moment is an exception as well as one more nail polish called Trouble Maker, which I will try to show you at some point in the next few days.

Thanks for reading! :)

Lumene Trouble Maker swatch

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