Day 1: RED nails – Cherry Popsicle by Sephora

Today is the first day of the Challenge and I’m to paint my nails red. I chose a lovely red polish Cherry Popsicle L03 from Sephora. It’s described as rich cool red and yes, that’s what Cherry Popsicle is in rl.

Cherry Popsicle by Sephora

The pics show two coats of Sephora’s Cherry Popsicle in the daylight:

Cherry Popsicle L03 Sephora swatch

It’s a classic, cheery cherry red nail polish. Cherry Popsicle isn’t streaky and it’s opaque in just one coat. The brush is thick and wide to paint nails quickly. I’m very happy about application, but unfortunately I cannot say the same about its staying power. First time I used it, I applied one coat in the morning and closer to the evening I noticed that the tips had faded. Next time I decided to do two coats, but I had the same result :(

Red nail polish Sephora

Cherry Popsicle has a great red color, nice smooth formula without formaldehyde, but a really bad staying power… Well, at least today I don’t have to worry about it, as tomorrow I’m to do a new mani anyway :)

Red nail polish Sephora

Thanks for looking! xxx

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