Androgynie – Holiday 2011 nail polish by ORLY

Today’s polish has a weird name Androgynie and comes from Orly’s Holiday Soiree 2011 collection. So far I bought only this one, because 5 other polishes from the collection don’t look very interesting to me. With Androgynie it’s different, from the moment I saw its swatches on the web, I knew I must get it. This black glitter definitely goes right up my alley and my love for dark polishes :)

ORLY Androgynie swatch

First off is a bottle pic with all those colourful glitters:

ORLY Androgynie

… and if we turn it upside down we’ll see the label:

ORLY Androgynie

Androgynie is a black-based jelly polish with tiny holographic gold/silver flecks, and larger green, blue, yellow and orange hex glitter. I needed 3 coats to get the opaque finish I wanted, but it was worth it. I wore it for 3 days and it held up perfectly well.

The large glittering hexagons are nice and visible on nails in the daylight, tho they were hard to catch in the bottle. I got Androgynie about a month ago and it was waiting its turn in my nail polish box, that’s why the large glitter all settled at the bottom and I had to shake the bottle upside down for quite a while before it started to blend.

ORLY Androgynie

With all its glitter ORLY Androgynie looks like a polish from a galaxy far away. On my nails it reminds me of a night sky full of stars. Love it :)

Now that Christmas is here, I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and let it bring us good things and lots of great nail polishes! ;)
Christmas Tree

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