Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Brick Wall

Today I have a nice dark red nail polish to show you – Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Brick Wall. I don’t know why it’s called Brick Wall tho, for me the color is associated with blood, or – if you are not into vampires – with pomegranate juice.

The polish has a great medium thick formula. I wouldn’t call Brick Wall a cream, as the finish is jelly like, but it isn’t a sheer jelly either… something in between cream and jelly. The polish is translucent but highly pigmented, and it gives nice even coverage in two coats. It is super shiny and very bloody looking without a hint of shimmer or glitter.

2 coats of Sally Hansen Brick Wall (daylight) with a ceramic turtle from my small turtle collection (this one is from Prague):

Sally Hansen Brick Wall Xtreme Wear

I had to be extremely careful when applying this polish, as the color is very rich and dark. Just a little mistake would make the mani look messy :( I cannot imagine applying Sally Hansen Brick Wall in a hurry – hitting my cuticles would result in staining and ruining the whole look if I don’t clean it up carefully but fast.

The staying power is fine, I wore Brick Wall for 2 days and it didn’t chip once. On the 3rd day I only had minimal fading at the tips, but I removed it anyway as I was getting bored with this deep red color. For me it’s a great shade for a cold snowy winter, and here it’s still fall weather and probably will be for another couple of weeks… at least I hope so :/

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