Sally Hansen Nail Prisms #08 – Amber Ruby

I got this polish from my very close rl friend, and I have to say she always picks amazing things. Like myself she is a big nail polish fan :) It is really great to have someone who understands my passion!

Amber Ruby goes from a rich ruby red to a bright golden orange and then perhaps a little further into the green/yellow glow range. However, the base color seems to be a combination of two colors, amber and ruby, living up to the name of the polish.

The formula is gorgeously rich, so two coats is more than enough to get an even, streak free finish. Here I have 2 coats of Sally Hansen #08 Amber Ruby (daylight, shade):

Sally Hansen Nail prisms #08 Amber Ruby

Sally Hansen’s Amber Ruby is a perfect choice for a sunny fall day. It’s a great color mix of orange/red falling leaves, green grass and golden sunlights! This duochrome polish is def worth a try :)

On a side note, yesterday I finally ordered a nail polish from Oriflame 100% color line. It’s a new brand for me, so I’m looking forward to see the polish on my nails :)

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