Rimmel 60 Seconds – Sky High 825

Another lazy Saturday :) I woke up after midday and haven’t done much yet… We had friends yesterday that we hadn’t seen since April, it was lots of fun and I went to bed only in the morning, that’s why I’m sleeeeepy and not in the mood for anything except for a new polish swatch now and Skyrim after it.

Today I have Rimmel Sky High 805 from 60 Seconds line to share with you. It is an amazing light teal cream that leans slightly blue in daylight and slightly green in artificial lightning.


Rimmel Sky High 825

Sky High is totally opaque in two medium thick coats and dries really fast, just like all Rimmel’s 60 Seconds polishes. The application is smooth and easy due to Rimmel’s wide flat brush.

2 coats of Rimmel Sky High (daylight):

Rimmel Sky High 825

I really like Sky High color on my nails, and the shade somehow reminds me of another nail polish I bought a couple of days ago – Vert Abysses by Yves Rocher, but that one is darker and not that bright. I’ll make a comparison swatch later :)

And sorry to state the obvious, but its just one month left until Christmas! There have been so many gorgeous holiday nail polishes released this year :))

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