Minulla on kissa

The first pic of my cat here, but definitely not the last one :) His name is Kernel and he’s soon to be 4 years old.
picture my cat

Friendly and independent, Kernel’s not a lap cat. He’s always around, but never too close. He meets me at the door when I come home, “helps” me with housework (especially cooking), sleeps at the bottom of the bed at night, but he does it all keeping a respectful distance. Just like right now, I’m on the computer and he’s sleeping next to me on the sofa, so that I feel his fluffy presence :)

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  1. stephanie says: Reply

    awwww!! I had a kitty named Kernel, too! yours looks like a sweetie! adorable!

    1. Mari says: Reply

      Wow, its the first time I hear of another cat named Kernel! It’s quite an uncommon name for a cat and yet we both chose it :))) I’ll tell Kernel lol

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