About me

Hello and welcome to my blog project!

My name is Mari and I’m glad to see you here :) I love talking and posting about nail polishes, nail art, and everything else that is about manicure and pedicure. I would like this blog to become a useful resource for other nail polish fans out there.

I’ve been doing my nails since I was a kid. After trying all sorts of brands, from the cheapest nail polishes to the high-end expensive ones, I’ve concluded that OPI is the best. That’s why the majority of my collection consists of OPI polishes, but I’m always expanding it with other brands like Essie, IsaDora, Lumene, Sally Hansen, ORLY, indies, etc. This blog is a photo archive of all the polishes I own or ever wanted to own.

I tend to love dark and taupe colors, and also I have an appreciation for nudes. Currently my favorite colors are deep red and white, last summer it was all about pink and neutral shades. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude and white.

Some of my favorites are OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! and OPI on Collins Ave, Essie Licorice, OPI Alpine Snow (a pure white that is wonderful as a background for nail art), Essie Navigate Her, OPI Color So Hot It Burns, ORLY Dazzle, Starrily Prince Charming, Chanel Frenzy, etc. These are the first ones that come to mind, but there are much more beautiful colors to wear. Actually too many colors, too little manicure time!

Please, note:

This website is a personal blog written and edited by me. The brand names and labels used on the site’s pages are for informational and discussion purposes only.

I take all swatches myself and I sometimes use watermarks to protect my copyright. It’s ok with me if you repost any of my pictures for any purpose within reason. Actually I would be flattered ^^ The only thing I ask in return is a link to this blog.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: